Innovative Wastewater Solutions

Lemna Technologies leads the wastewater industry in both innovative design and affordable solutions for municipal and industrial clients in the U.S. and around the world. Lemna is a global pacesetter, developing products and processes for both pond and tank applications in the public and private sector. Lemna serves environmental, agricultural, and water resources markets with their trademark “simple solution to wastewater treatment problems.”

Protecting the Environment & Cutting Costs

From its base in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lemna moves customers from concept to commission with a turnkey approach that includes state-of-the-art engineering and design solutions that protect the environment and provide cost savings.

Lemna provides the customized products and services to fit the wastewater treatment project, whether the application is for a small production facility, a rural community, or a growing suburb. Their unique processes bring upgrades to existing wastewater treatment facilities with minimal or no civil requirements or provide cost-effective alternatives for new construction. They also back their highly sustainable products and processes with a 100% guarantee.


Pond and Lagoon Systems seperator Odor Canopies
Wastewater Processes
BOD/TSS/Ammonia/Phosphorous Removal
Bio-Gas Systems
Heat Retention


Explore this website to learn more, or Contact Lemna Technologies to further explore their solution-focused approach to wastewater treatment.

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